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Be more confident when dealing with all aspects of real estate transactions with a real estate attorney from Madison & Rosan, LLP, by your side. Find out about how we provide attentive service to real estate investors and more.


Get responsively solid legal advice from a business lawyer who knows everything about simple and complex transactions. Check out the collaborative approach we take to help you make smart business decisions.


Go forward and overcome legal challenges with powerful representation from a corporate law practitioner experienced in a wide variety of commercial, residential, business and consumer law matters.  


Legal Counsel from Commercial & Residential Real Estate and Corporate Attorneys

With more than 60 years of combined experience, Madison & Rosan, LLP, in Columbus, Ohio, provides you with a superior brand of counseling. We focus on all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions, real estate law, and business litigation. The collaborative environment we have promotes effective and attentive representation for all clients. You enjoy the advantages of conferring with our lawyers for the best legal services through direct communication and strategy.