Madison & Rosan
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Powerful representation for real estate and corporate law


Defend your claims against business-related legal challenges with powerful corporate law representation from Madison & Rosan, LLP, in Columbus, Ohio. Engage legal adversaries with top-caliber lawyers on your side to that handle courtroom litigation proceedings such as those involving contract disputes such as:

  • Negligence & Fraud

  • Misrepresentations

  • Commission Disputes

  • Foreclosure Defense

  • Short Sales

  • Commercial Broker Liens

  • Purchase Contract Disputes

  • Commission Payment Failures

  • Board of Realtors Arbitration

  • Professional Association Arbitration


Professional License Defense

You have worked hard to achieve your professional license, so don't risk handling a career ending complaint or investigation alone.  Effective representation may mean the difference between keeping your license or facing a license suspension or revocation.  If a complaint is filed against you with a government agency or professional trade association, we provide representation against allegations of professional misconduct, unethical practices and breaches of professional duties. We serve as your advocate during the pre-accusation state, negotiation state, settlement stage, formal administrative hearing and finally before the administrative tribunal (i.e. Ohio Real Estate Commission, Ohio Real Estate Appraiser Board, Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions).  

We represent:  

  • Real Estate Brokerage Formation

  • Independent Contractor Agreements

  • License Law Issues 

  • Professional License Defense

  • Employment and Civil Rights

  • Contract Review/Negotiation 

  • Human Resources Consulting 

  • Breach of Contract

  • Company Policies

  • Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act Compliance 

  • Debt Collection

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Appellate Court Representation

Get aggressive appellate court representation that pursues all legal options possible. Leverage provisional remedies, emergency orders, and injunctions, to fend off legal setbacks or expedite legal proceedings in your favor.


Employer & Employee Litigation Services

Receive aggressive backing from our lawyers when dealing with litigation proceedings related to legal procedure. Leverage desired courtroom results with help from our lawyers in matters concerning contract breaches that involve:

  • Employment Contracts

  • Trade Secrets

  • Contract Litigation

  • Failure to Perform Contract

  • Filing of Temporary Restraining Orders

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Secured Transactions

  • Security Interests

  • Business Organizations 

  • Creditor/Debtor Rights


Expert Witness Advantage

For the advantage of stronger testimony, we offer expert witness services from Kristin Rosan, a highly credible partner with proven expertise in real estate license law cases. For contract breach litigation proceedings and other criminal and civil suits that need expert witness services, we provide specialized testimony services through her, that focus on the following:

  • Real Estate Transaction Fraud

  • Real Estate Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Ohio Real Estate Appraisal Practices/Fraud

  • Ohio Mortgage Documentation & Mortgage Fraud

  • Ohio Residential Realtor® Ethical Practices

  • Real Estate Brokerage Practices

  • Ohio Real Estate Purchase Agreements

  • Real Estate Agent “Standard of Care”

  • Ohio’s Agency Law